"One Immigrant's Journey"

In the years leading up to the first World War, Europe, more distinctly Austria/Poland, was an extremely difficult place to live, as conditions were about as harsh as you can get.

On August 6, 1912, young Kazimierz Kosiba, being just 21 years old at the time, purchased a ticket through the Hamburg-America Shipping Line to take hime from port in Hamburg, Germany to Philadelphia, PA, USA, in the hopes of escaping the war torn region for a better life in America.

The ship he would travel on was named the "Prinz Oskar" sailing under the German flag. The Prinz Oskar was a 6, 026 gross ton steamship built in 1902 at Vegesack by Bremen Vulcan. The dimensions of the ship were 403 feet long by 49 feet wide. The ship ran for the Hamburg-America line until it was seized in the port of Philadelphia in 1917 and later became the US Government ship "Orion".

The passenger list on the manifest for the "Prinz Oskar" in Hamburg, Germany (Volume 373-7, VIII A 1 Band 249, Page 1907) listed Kazimierz Kosiba as being 21 years of age, a farm hand, single, of Austrian origin 'Kryg', born about 1891. He is listed as being born in the village of Kryg, Austria which is located in the Gorlice region of what is now Poland.

Prinz Oskar Manifest in Hamburg, Germany (Line # 291):

His accomodations on the voyage were listed as 'Zwischendeck' which translates to the 'Steerage' section of the ship. The 'Steerage' (or Tween Decks) was the default choice of many immigrants from the 1850's to the 1930's. The conditions varied by steamship line and were likely to be fairly harsh compared to today's standards.

The 'Prinz Oskar' left port in Hamburg, Germany on August 7, 1912 destination America, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The passenger list on the manifest of the 'Prinz Oskar' in Philadelphia, PA (Roll: T840_105; Line 9) lists the ships departure date as being scheduled for August 6, 1912. The ship arrived at the Philadelphia port on August 20, 1912 after two long weeks at sea. The list includes the following information on Kazimierz Kosiba, not already listed: He could read and write, his mother's name was Antonina Kosiba also from Kryg, Austria, Kazimierz' final destination was Lisbon, Maine, he paid for the ticket himself, he was 5 feet 8 inches tall and had 5 dollars in his possesion at the start of the voyage. Under the identifications or markings is written, 'Works at 133 Brown Street'. Also listed on the second page of the manifest, is he was to be greeted by his friend Pawel Wantuch and his sister Stanislawa in Philadelphia, and were to travel to Lisbon, Maine together.

Prinz Oskar Manifest arrived in Philadelphia, PA port (Line # 9):