The ADAM Family Migration - The Last 400 Years
The Immigration of the ADAM Family begins with the voyage of our ancestor and immigrant Jean Baptiste Adam who arrived in Quebec, Canada sometime around the year 1663. Our line of his descendants is traced here geographically so you can see where our ancestors lived and traveled, andperhaps one day walk in their footsteps. Our ancestors were in Quebec, Canada for over 260 years before migrating to and residing in Massachusetts, USA for the last 100 years.

JEAN ADAM (1636-1711) Churches: St-Etienne-de-Beaumont, St Joseph Sillery, St Joseph-de-la-Pointe-Levy, Quebec (Notre-Dame)
1636-1662 AUXERRE, BOURGOGNE, FRANCE - Jean Adam was born in Briennon, Auxerre, Bourgogne, France and left around the year 1662.
1663-1664 LAUZON, LEVI, QUEBEC - Living among Jesuits, came to Quebec with next to nothing.
1665-1666 QUEBEC CITY - Lived with & worked for Eustace Lambert & family on a very well established farm. Listed in 1st Census of Quebec 1666.
1667-1667 RICHILIEU - Worked on forts in Richilieu, not listed on any census. Carpenters were in dire need for fortifications from indian attack.
1668-1672 CAP ROUGE, QUEBEC - After having sold his ground in Lauzon to Jean Demers on July 29, 1668, he acquires a dwelling of ninety arpents which belongs to Antoine Pouyaut in Cap-Rouge. I am not sure when exactly he acquired his land in Lauzon after he got to Quebec.
1672-1674 SOUS-LE-FORT, QUEBEC - On February 28, 1672, he buys from Pierre Normand a house in Sous-le-Fort à Québec.
1674-1676 SILLERY, QUEBEC - Married here in 1674, (2) Children born here in 1674 and 1676.
1677-1680 LAUZON, LEVI, QUEBEC - Became royal notaire de Lauzon.
1680-1711 BEAUMONT, BELLECHASSE, QUEBEC - 1st Concessions granted by the Lord Couillard Charles de Beaumont des Islets; Jean Adam receives 5 acres of land in Beaumont, Bellechasse, Quebec. He resided here until his death and is listed in the 1681 Canada Census.
JEAN BAPTISTE ADAM (1678-1730) Churches: Quebec (Notre-Dame), Ste-Genevieve-de-Batiscan
1678-1707 BORN AT LAUZON, QUEBEC and baptized at QUEBEC (NOTRE-DAME)
ST.-PIERRE-LES-BECQUETS, QUEBEC - In 1705, granted land 8 acres in front and 40 acres in depth from Sieur Lavard seigniory of St-Pierre. Jean Baptiste never made his home there after 15-20years and for that was petitioned by Claude Thomas Dupuy to surrender his lands along with Joseph Moreau, Jean Francois Frignon, Widow Moreau, Joseph Guillet, Luc Proteau, Madame Lorange, Jacques Courteaux, Augustin Moreau, Paul L'Ecuier, and Joseph Rouillard in the following ordinance of 1726; LINK TO ORDINANCE(pdf) Edects, Ordinances & Declarations; also see Page 94 of pdf.
1708-1730 BATISCAN - Married in Batiscan in 1708. Resided here until his death in 1730.
ANTOINE ADAM (1727-1796) Churches: Ste-Genevieve-de-Batiscan, Ste-Genevieve-de-Berthier
1727-1769 BATISCAN - Born here, married here in 1755 and (6) of his (9) children were born here as well.
1770-1796 BERTHIERVILLE, QUEBEC - The (3) youngest of Antoine's children were born here. He died here in 1796.
ANTOINE ADAM (1758-1838) Churches: Ste-Genevieve-de-Batiscan, Ste-Genevieve-de-Berthier
1758-1769 BATISCAN - Born in Batiscan, Family moved to Berthierville.
1770-1796 BERTHIERVILLE, QUEBEC - Married here in 1780. Antoine had (2) of his oldest children born in St-Charles-sur-Richilieu. All other children born here. Seems to move around time of father's death.
???-1838 MASKINONGE, QUEBEC - Listed as dying in Maskinonge, Quebec. Must have lived with family in area until his death.
PIERRE ADAM (1783-1877) Churches: St-Charles-sur-Richelieu, Ste-Genevieve-de-Berthier, St-Barthelemy (pic 1, 2, 3, 4)
1783 Born in ST. CHARLES-SUR-RICHILIEU but family lived in Berthierville, Quebec.
1785- circa 1850 BERTHIERVILLE, QUEBEC - All of his children were born here, The last one in 1819. Pierre's son Alexis, his 5th child, had a son born in St Bathelemy, Quebec as early as 1850.
1850-1877 ST. BARTHELEMY, BERTHIER, QUEBEC - Resided here until his death in 1877.
ALEXIS ADAM (1818-1885) Churches: Ste-Genevieve-de-Berthier, St-Barthelemy (pic 1, 2, 3, 4)
ALEXIS ADAM (1847-1919) Churches: Ste-Genevieve-de-Berthier, St-Barthelemy (pic 1, 2, 3, 4)
1847-1850 BERTHIERVILLE, QUEBEC - Born here in 1847, family moved to St. Barthelemy around 1850.
1851-1891 ST. BARTHELEMY, BERTHIER, QUEBEC - Married in 1871 at St. Cuthbert, Quebec. All but one of Alexis' children were born in St. Barthelemy. He is listed residing here with family in the 1891 Census of Canada.
1891-1895 MANVILLE, RI, USA - Alexis moved his family to Manville, RI which was a popular place of emigration for the ADAM family in 1892. His daughter Leonise was born here in 1892. She was the only child of Alexis which was born outside of Canada. Alexis moved back to Canada in 1895 believing his family would have a better life back in Canada.
1895-1919 ST. BARTHELEMY, BERTHIER, QUEBEC - Alexis is listed in the 1901 and the 1911 Census of Canada as residing here with family. His farm consisted of about 7 or 8 acres. He resided in this village until the day he died.
AZARIE ADAM (1884-1950) Churches: St-Barthelemy (pic 1, 2, 3, 4) , St-Peter's of Northbridge, Ma
1884-1891 ST. BARTHELEMY, BERTHIER, QUEBEC - Azarie was born here in 1884. Listed in the 1891 Canada Census with parents and siblings.
1892-1895 MANVILLE, RI, USA - Moved here with family in 1892.
1895-1907 ST. BARTHELEMY, BERTHIER, QUEBEC - Azarie moved back to Canada with parents and siblings in 1895. Married at St. Cuthbert in Berthier, Quebec in 1907. Played baseball for the Montreal Royals AAA team in 1904 documented, possibly for more than the one year. They were the farm team of the Brooklyn Dodgers.
1908-1909 NORTHBRIDGE (Whitinisville), MA, USA - Azarie worked in the US at the Whitin Rockdale Mill in Whitinsville, MA between 1908-1909. This fact is listed on border crossing document. Played baseball in the Blackstone Valley League for Whitin Rockdale Mill's team.
1910-1919 ST. BARTHELEMY, BERTHIER, QUEBEC - Listed in 1911 Canada Census. Father Alexis died in 1919 and they sold the farm and moved to Montreal.
1919-1920 MONTREAL, QUEBEC - Azarie and family lived in Montreal for a short time before coming stateside to live for good.
1921-1950 NORTHBRIDGE (Whitinsville), MA - Azarie and family moved to Northbridge permanently until the day he died.