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The Chapdelaine line of my family tree makes up quite a bit of my french ancestry as my great grandmother was Alphonsine Chapdelaine daughter of Pierre Chapdelaine & Exilda Tremblay. This particular line can be traced as far back as 1634 when our ancestor Julien Chapdelaine was born in Plomb, Diocese Avranches, Normandy, France. He later married Jeanne Reinne LeMasson in about 1655 and had a son named Andre Chapdelaine.

The name CHAPDELAINE dates back nearly a thousand years in history, as we find a Chapdelaine servant to William the Conqueror in the Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD, who gains lands after the conquest. The name carried the spelling CAPDELAINE at the time meaning 'cap or wool hat'. The Capdelaines were no doubt Vikings or Northmen at the time when they merged with the Gallo-Romans inhabiting one part in France. Lower Normandy, today part of the Channel near Avranches in the shade of Mt. St-Michael.

In 1256 during the visit of King Louis IX in Normandy then appointed Capdelaine donated land in the Diocese of Avranches and was told built an elegant town house to be the home of the family Capdelaine, from father to son, for more than 500 years until the French Revolution.

During the 14th century, the French softened the pronunciation of the name as it became CHAPDELAINE from here forward. These Chapdelaines were spread throughout the area as bakers and millers bearing the name.

In the 15th Century, after distinguished service to the king in the conflict of Anglo, one of the Chapdelaines is noble and acknowledged as the "Count of Chappdelaine".

Julien Chapdelaine
Julien Chapdelaine was born in Plomb, Normandy, France in 1634. He married Jeanne LeMasson on 22 Jul 1663 in Plomb. They had several children together, one of who was Andre Chapdelaine who immigrated to New France in 1687. They were living in the hamlet called LaRiviere one of the hamlets in Plomb at the time of his birth, which was the reason he and many of his descendants bore the name 'Chapdelaine dit Lariviere'.

Around 1687, the time that Andre left for New France, the Chapdelaine family moved to another hamlet in Plomb called 'Douetils'. While living there, Julien built several elegant homes and when he died in 1694, the townspeople gave him the honorary name of their hamlet so he was buried as Julien Douetils dit Chapdelaine.

Julien Chapdelaine was a carpenter by trade, as was his son Andre, who followed in his footsteps working with his father while attending school. Andre could both read and write which was something rather rare in those days.

Andre Chapdelaine
In 1686, Andre Chapdelaine enlisted in the Royal Navy under the command of Pierre de St-Ours, a nobleman of Grenoble, for three years of service in New France to defend the colony against the Iroquois. He left France in April 1687 and arrived in Quebec on 29 May 1687. He never revisited his father or mother or his beloved homeland in Normandy the rest of his life. He was the only Chapdelaine to immigrate to New France and is the ancestor of an important line of descendants in the Quebec region.

In 1691, ranked as Captain of the Militia, he married Marie Anne Chevrefils daughter of Francois Chevrefils who was a soldier in the Carignan Salieres regiment and mother Marie Lamy a "Fille du Roi". They had 14 children together before Marie died at the age of 45 years old. It is on land 10 arpents face by 30 arpents depth conceded on 10 Oct 1708, that Andre and Marie raise their family of 14 children. He becomes marguiller of the parish of St-Ours in 1713. Andre Chapdelaine had become Captain of the Militia of the entire coast of the Richelieu River, consisting of several forts, in the company St-Ours established in the seigniory located on the banks of Richelieu and close to those of Saint-Denis and Sorel. He dedicated more than 20 years of his life to defending the colonies.

On 29 Jan 1720 at Ile-de-Dupas, Andre remarries to Marie Anne Joly daughter of Pierre Joly and Madeleine Tessier. Marie Joly had 2 more children with Andre before dying on 8 Mar 1728 in St-Ours, Quebec. Andre then remarried for the final time on 26 Nov 173`, to the widow Marie Chatelle, daughter of Henri Chatelle and Marie Larue. It must have been an enormous task to raise 14 children by himself for the years that he did. Andre later died on 4 Oct 1740 in St-Ours and was buried there.

I have several articles which I am beginning to translate from French to English, some being listed below for Andre & Valerien Chapdelaine

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Jean Valerien Chapdelaine
Andre & Marie Chevrefils had a son Jean Valerien Chapdelaine who was born 1696 at St-Ours, following in his father's footsteps becoming lieutenant and later Captain of the Militia of St-Ours from 1755 until at least 1771. He is also listed as one of the syndics elected for the construction of the new church at St-Ours between 1752 and 1755 and is paid 1400 livres to do the framework for the church of Notre Dame in Montreal along with resident carpenter Gabriel Chevrefils dit Belisle. Completing the work on 21 Feb 1755, Valerien makes the remaining walks along the street of Notre Dame of Montreal. He is asked to make the framework for the church as well. The property owners will provide all necessary wood. They will use workers that will be nourished and lodged at the expense of the property owners (ref page) .

On 11 Mar 1720, Valerien Chapdelaine recieves a concession of land in the seigneury of St-Ours along the Richelieu River along with his brothers for services to the king. In 1730, Valerien Chapdelaine has a child out of wedlock with one of the Chapdelaine servant girls named Francoise Passerieu, a native of Trois Rivieres. They named her Marie Francoise Chapdelaine. The mother and daughter lived at the Chapdelaine residence for a few more months before returning to Trois Rivieres.

On 1 Oct 1731, Valerien Chapdelaine marries Angelique Dansereau daughter of Pierre and Marie Angelique Abirou in St Francois Xavier Church, Verchères, Quebec, Canada. On 12 Oct ????, Valerien obtains land of 3 arpents in front of Ruisseau Laplante and to the beginning of the land owned by Joseph Sansoucy (ref page).On 25 Feb 1736, Valerien sells some land in St Ours with his brother Andre. On 8 Mar 1736, Valerien receives another concession of land along the Richelieu River.

Valerien Chapdelaine died on 11 Jan 1765 in St-Ours, Richelieu, Quebec at the age of 69 years old. Most often his descendants carried the name 'Chapdelaine dit Valerien'.

These three ancestors make up the earliest portion of my Chapdelaine family at the moment. Although I am sure there is plenty of information out there to be found, I have not come across any real stories or documention besides birth, marriage & death records for their descendancy. I would like to add more stories and such as I uncover them.

Joseph Valerien Chapdelaine
Valerien had a son Joseph Valerien Chapdelaine born on 22 Dec 1735 in St-Ours, Quebec. Joseph married Marie Agathe Chevalier, daughter of Jean Baptiste Chevalier & Marie Agathe Jeanne Cartier, on 6 Jun 1763 at St Pierre De Sorel, Richelieu, Quebec.I have documented seven of their children who were all born in St-Ours, Richelieu, Quebec between the years 1764-1781. There children's names were Marie Josephe, Genevieve, Joseph Marie, Jean Baptiste, Charlotte Valerien, Charles and Hyppolite Chapdelaine. I am still researching to find additional children between this couple and will be adding more as I find them,

Joseph Chapdelaine died on 28 May 1813 St Ours, Quebec at 78 years old, while his wife died a little over a year after him on 20 Jun 1814.

Jean Baptiste Chapdelaine
Jean Baptiste Chapdelaine was the son of Joseph Valerien Chapdelaine & Marie Agathe Chevalier, born on 16 Mar 1774 in St. Ours, Richelieu, Quebec. He married Marie Josephte Leblanc daughter of Francois Leblanc & Marie Josephte Donais, on 30 Apr 1798 at St-Ours, Richelieu, Quebec. I have documented six children between this couple to date. There were all born at St-Ours, Richelieu between the years 1799-1812. There names were Marie Joseph (died 1mo), Jean Baptiste (died 1yr), Jean Baptiste, Henry, Marie Josephe and Francois Chapdelaine.

Jean Baptiste Chapdelaine died on 25 Feb 1837 in Contrecoeur, Ste-Trinitie, Quebec at the age of 63 years old. His wife Marie Josephte died on 3 Oct 1855 in Contrecoeur, Ste-Trinitie, Quebec at the age of 81 years old.

Francois Chapdelaine
Francois Chapdelaine was the son of Jean Baptiste Chapdelaine & Marie Josephte Leblanc, born on 30 Nov 1811 St-Ours, Richelieu, Quebec. He married Angelle Harpin (Arpin) daughter of Michel Harpin & Marianne Magnan, on 19 Feb 1840 at St-Ours, Richelieu. Together they had 10 children together between the years 1841-1859. There names were Joseph (died <1yr), Francois (died 1yr), Hormisdas, Francois Xavier, Henri, Marie Modeste, Pierre Chapdelaine, Marie Exorie, Marie Elmira, Caroline and Joseph Napoleon (died <3yrs old).

Francois' wife Angelle (Harpin) died on 15 Aug 1878 in Contrecoeur, Ste-Trinitie at the age of 59 years old. Francois Chapdelaine died much later a widower on 6 Sep 1895 in Contrecoeur, Ste-Trinitie, Quebec at the age of 84 years old.

Pierre Chapdelaine
Pierre Chapdelaine was born on 8 July 1846 in Contrecoeur, Ste-Trinitie, Quebec son of Francois Xavier Chapdelaine & Angele Harpin. He married first on 14 July 1869 to Philomene Jussaume daughter of Jean Baptiste Jussaume & Rosalie ??. Philomene died 26 Sep 1873 before having any children with Pierre Chapdelaine. After the death of their daughter Philomene, the Jussaume's told Pierre Chapdelaine that they wanted to take the wedding gifts back from him, something that was the furthest thing from his mind. They ended up taking him to court, suing Pierre for the gifts, and lost.

Pierre would later remarry on 14 Jan 1874 to Exilda Tremblay daughter of Narcisse Tremblay & Elisabeth Gendron. Together they would have 14 children between the years of 1874-1895. Their names were Pierre Ozias (died 1yr), Albert (died <1yr), Alexina, Marie Exere, Celina, Joseph, Pierre Francois Xavier, Marie Rosilda, Philomene, Joseph Hormisdas, Alphonsine, Marie Anne, Marie Albina and Albert Chapdelaine.


Pierre's daughters Marie Anne, Marie Albina and Alphonsine lived in the United States between the years 1905-1911 working at the Rockdale Cotton Mill in Whitinsville, MA returning again between the years 1921-1922 to stay permanently with their families. His daughter Philomene became a teaching nun at L'Epiphanie, L'Assomption County, Quebec under her catholic name Soeur Marie Athanasie. Pierre's daughter Celina is the victim of a terrible tragedy in the year 1917, when 5 of her children die within the same year from influenza.

Pierre Chapdelaine died young at 55 years old on 9 Jan 1901 in Contrecoeur, Ste-Trinitie, Quebec. His wife Exilda (Tremblay) died many years later on 7 Sep 1938.

You can read the full family group sheet of information for Pierre Chapdelaine and Exilda Tremblay here.

It is Pierre's grand-children that I have found documents during research for this site to follow the line into the early 20th Century. I have a few already done in the left column of this page under 'Miscellaneous Records" section. I hope to acquire more and document what I can in the near future. More information will also be provided concerning the lives of the Chapdelaine family when they moved to Montreal, Quebec.